U SPORT Recap Carleton sneaks in, Quebec shines

U SPORT Recap Carleton sneaks in, Quebec shines

Stade Telus, sharply focused on the eyes of the entire province, withdrew Montreal 16-3 on Stage No. 2 to win the first place at the RSEQ conference with a record 19,381 fans, including some familiar CFL faces!

4 of our Alsi formed the 25th anniversary All-Star @rougeetor team! Congratulations to @BrizzyUL17, @ AlsLBJ58, @FredoPlesius and @Hugo Richard 4 and congratulations to the current team for winning yesterday! #ToujoursGame #LavalS pic.twitter.com/U1EqpiAS7a

@Carbines c. #rougeetor // Vous êtes 19 381 au Stade TELUS-UL cet après-midi. UN RECORD DE FOULE DANS LHISTOIRE DU ROUGE ET OR !!!! MERCI !!!! #footRSEQ #GoLaval pic.twitter.com/WAR3KMgBXX

Rouge et Or (6-1) limited the visiting carabiners (6-2) to a 233-yard attack and one field goal, and will have a clear home field advantage during the likely final match of the Dunsmore Cup conference in a few weeks.

Elsewhere, Danny McWhirter was a real man named McWonderful for Carleton Ravens (4-4), who, because of McWhirter, knocked three INTs almost on Laurier's (4-4) path to jump the Golden Hawks. in the last playoff place in Ontario.

Other Results Ontario set off an attractive OUA quarter-final doubles match next weekend, with a high-scoring Waterloo (4-4) visiting defensive uOttawa (No. 8, 5-3) and a sudden fiery Ravens set for Guelph (No. 6, 6-2) .

Allison (3-4) used the capital in the course of five bishops (4-4) to drown cedars 35-13; The victory was the third consecutive team in the mountains to keep their playoff hopes alive but were undefeated by Acadia next weekend (No. 7, 7-0). Saint Marys (3-4) is the second team to sniff the third and final play-off at the quay to the east, and the husky has relatively tedious doubles to end the regular season (vs. 1-6 St. FX). >

Canada's West went crazy, as it has been several times this season, beating Manitoba (4-3) with a fixed number 43-29 in Decision No. 4 Calgary (5-2); Bison led 33-7 at halftime and won, despite allowing a 500-yard yard to Dinos in 4th place.

UBC (2-5) at No. 3 Saskatchewan (4-3) 38-37 formers on senior day; it’s been a tough season for HC Blake Nills T-Birds, who will lose the play-off for the first time since 2014, but at least they will earn a nice win in the final home game of the season. Tapping Saskatchewan, which is probably too high at position No. 3, will not affect Can-West's energy level either.

Like the T-Birds, Regina (2-5) lost their dream of playing in Week 9, but not before Alberta (4-3) was hit. Tissue to the rams, who could still affect the playoffs if they win a home against Manitoba (4-3) next week.

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