This is when the first snowfall is predicted in southern Quebec

This is when the first snowfall is predicted in southern Quebec

Look at the graphs below, because whether you are a lover of fluffy white stuff or not, it looks like we will see snow in southern Quebec before the end of October.

Which seems shocking to me when I think of some of the warm sunny days we've had in town recently. And I'm in no hurry to leave - it's one of Quebec's most romantic and beautiful seasons, and I just love to stroll around and soak it.

So, when the snow has its beauty and majesty, everything has its time and place. And now we have the PSL season, not the Parka season. So if it really snows as fast as Almanac predicts, then maybe I'm a little bumpy.

Although the beginning of the month seems nice - I can handle the sunny and cold. I like sunny and cold. This is great for walks and for layering everyone.

Although this does not give us much of a specificity for the regions of southern Quebec, I decided to try to confirm the almanac on the basis of a long-range meteorological forecast to see how they can be compared.

This is a weekly weather forecast for the week of 20-24. October in Montreal. With an average temperature of only 4 ° C between 19 and 22 in Montreal, it would not take much cold to reach the cold, leaving us with snow, as Almanac predicts.

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