The Quebec City deer statue is not trying to eliminate Saskis' famous Mac Moose Jaw

The Quebec City deer statue is not trying to eliminate Saskis' famous Mac Moose Jaw

Mac the Moose, pictured at Moose Jaw on Tuesday, Feb. 25, 2019, does not have to compete with the proposed reindeer statue being built in Quebec, as the city claims to hold their smaller esteemed Macs. CANADA PRESS / Mark Taylor

MONTREAL - Mac the Moose can rest - The city of Quebec, which wants to build its massive reindeer statue next year, says it does not want to challenge the world's highest record recently reached by the famous Sask-famous Moose Jaw. , roadside attractions.

Quebec Desbien Mayor Nicolas Martel told the Canadian Press on Saturday that he would like to make friends with Mac in his upcoming Quebec counterpart, which he said offers some insurance against anyone who might try to challenge. In Canada again the record.

The Elk Jaw is fresh as it dragged Stor-Elvdal, a Norwegian city, to challenge it as the world's tallest elk by installing a new horn on a Mac to reach the top again earlier this month.

Brouhaha made international headlines and made jokes in late-night talk shows. "Late Exhibition" host Stephen Colbert called Mac a papier-mache dog before he got a new and taller horned shelf on October 8th.

In the Lac-St-Jean area of ​​Quebec, with just over 1,000 cities, the colorful mayor of Martel wanted to break through friendly hostility before the exchange and build a moose that would surpass both cities.

"We saw it poke people into the elk's jaw, so if they are right, we respect them, given that it's part of the name of the township, and make them the same size as them, but leave them with a record," Martel said.

Martel said he was unaware that Mac was getting a makeover and said it was just a matter of chance that his announcement with the local media came days after Mac got new deer horns, raising concerns about the new challenger.

The Mac is located in the Moose Jawi Visitor Center and is jointly controlled by the Tourist Office and the city. Mac thinkers were not available for comment on Saturday, but Martel said he wanted to work with Moose Jaw officials.

Martel is known for his unnatural ideas - and great thinking - that map a tiny town at the mouth of the Metabetchouane River in the Lac St-Jean region of the province of Lac St-Jean, north of Quebec.

According to Martel, the Quebec Elk, a central part of the children's amusement park, which is expected to begin construction next year, is also a nod to the local indigenous community and its hunting culture. It is being built near a former post-trade museum that has tried to stay afloat.

He said the $ 500,000 project has been in the works for a few years and will take a couple of years to complete, but the moose will be part of next spring.

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