The easternmost riding in western Quebec feels the Bloc's surge

The easternmost riding in western Quebec feels the Bloc's surge

The Liberal Party is fighting with its own hands to hold on to the most eastern riding in western Quebec, as polls show increased support for the Bloc Québécois.

While polls indicate that liberals are still locked in most areas, Bloc leader Yves-François & Blanchet is actively meeting Argenteuil - La Petite-Nation voters, who have a strong Francophone majority and Blok history in rural areas & nbsp; support.

"It could be one that goes over the block," explained a CBC poll analyst & nbsp; Eric Grenier. "This is where the block will target & nbsp; if their number represents a large enough support."

In particular, Tardif was dissatisfied with last week's news that Agropur had decided to close down its dairy business in Lachutes, leaving 180 people unemployed.

The riding block candidate social worker Yves Destroismaisons lost his bid to become mayor of Saint-André-Avellin in 2017, then lost the Quirécoise party to the Avenir Québec coalition in the 2018 provincial election. Mathieu Lacombe. Destroismaisons hopes for a third time to be charmed.

Blanchet fell last Friday & nbsp; By Lachute to support the supply of Destroismaison. Standing beside the local candidate, he told the crowd that the bloc wanted to "be the conscience of the Quebec National Assembly in Ottawa". & Nbsp;

According to Destroismisons, the announcement seems to sound at the door where the bloc has protested Bill 21, a Quebec law that prohibits some civil servants from wearing religious symbols at work.

According to polls, the majority of Quebecers support the law and people perceive the party to protect it with a label whose block in Parliament defends Quebec values. & Nbsp;

NDP candidate Charlotte Boucher Smoley started the campaign late, but said she had made a serious effort, hoping to remind voters why they had chosen the NDP candidate in 2011.

He said the party's platform will appeal to local voters, focusing on increasing pensions and housing, as well as infrastructure investments to make the region more resilient to climate change and the accompanying floods. He said he was also encouraged by growing support for NDP leader Jagmeet Singh in the province.

According to Quebec polls, Singh's popularity is not yet down to the support needed to fight the bloc in many NDP-led republican plans, not to mention the parties that lost in the last election.

The Liberals were hoping to get a chance at some of these volatile NDP seats, but are now worried about their own place in the Argenteuil - La Petite-Nation series.

"They had hoped that Quebec would supply them with a lot of places to help them offset losses in other parts of the country, but now the question is more about what places they are preventing from crossing the bloc," Mr Grenier said.

One thing about Lauzon and the Liberals is the fact that Argenteuil - La Petite - Nation was redistributed in 2015 and now covers only 70 percent of the previous journeys in the easternmost region of Argenteuil - Papineau - Mirabel.

In Saint-André-Avellin, voter Alice Gratton-Blais said she wanted political stability, although she had been widely talked about the need for change. This means supporting Lauzon's re-election offer. & Nbsp;

Other candidates for Argenteuil - La Petite-Nation are the conservative Marie Louis-Seize, the Green Party's Marjorie Valiquette and the Canadian People's Party's Sherwin Edwards.

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