The basics of Arequipa, Peru

The basics of Arequipa, Peru

Beautiful, delicate and surrounded by three volcanoes, to the point that Cuzco is not the only colonial jewel not to be missed in southern Peru. Arequipa is a metropolis of 890 thousand inhabitants, almost ten times smaller than the capital, Lima, but which has attributes for at least three days of visit. The city has cobbled streets, a central square with arcades and precious buildings, as well as the splendid neighboring Colca Canyon.

Monastery of Santa Catalina. One of the most important colonial monuments in Peru, the monastery founded in 1580 occupies a huge block in the city center. Behind the high walls are relics of Catholicism. The walls of the three main cloisters house beautiful paintings that represent the nuns, made shortly after the death of each one. The admission price is not the friendliest (35 soles or R $ 40), but it pays off. Twice a week, the place opens at night, with a visit by candlelight.

Plaza de Armas. Squares of arms are a certain presence in Spanish colonized cities, but this central square stands out for the impressive set of arcades with terraces that surround it on three sides - the fourth is occupied by the cathedral. Large trees bring shade and freshness on hot days. Pay attention to the condors that live there. And don't miss the classic click with the El Misti and Chachani volcanoes in the background.

Cathedral. After a fire in 1844, the new reconstructed building fell in the 1868 earthquake. What you see today has been redone since then, which does not make it any less impressive. After all, it is the largest cathedral in Peru. The immense Belgian organ of 1870 is considered to be one of the largest on the continent.

Colca canyon. Over 100 kilometers, the second deepest canyon on the planet (twice as big as the Grand Canyon!) Manages to change its appearance like few places in the world. It goes from the green terraces of Yanque to the yellow dryness of Chivay. There are day trips or more from Arequipa.

El Misti. King in the landscape of Arequipa, the snow-capped volcano reigns supreme, 5,822 meters above sea level. It is possible to climb it in a two-day journey (about US $ 90 or R $ 351) in the city branches, but you must have excellent physical conditioning and have been acclimated to the altitude for at least five days. & Nbsp;

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