Quebec man pleaded guilty to first-degree murder of ex-wife, stranger

Quebec man pleaded guilty to first-degree murder of ex-wife, stranger

ST-JEROME, Que. - A Quebec man pleaded guilty on Saturday to first-degree murder for stabbing his ex-wife and fatally beating an elderly driver he had to chase while driving.

Ugo Fredette was automatically sentenced to 25 years suspended prison sentences after a jury pronounced two sentences on September 14, 2017, in the killing of Veronique Barbe, 41, and Yvon Laca, 71.

But because 44-year-old Fredette was found guilty of two intentional murders, parole could potentially be eligible, extending conditional unacceptability to 50 years.

The crown claimed that Fredette killed Barbe when he held her 17 times at St-Eustache's home in Que, because she could not accept her relationship with her.

The prosecution alleged that he was killed so Fredette could switch from his employer's vehicle to a vehicle, which allowed him to continue to flee to authorities in a more discreet manner.

In both cases, the accused had supported the murder decision - admitting the deaths of both victims - but demanded that he reach his breaking point on the day they were both killed and did not intend to kill anyone - defense jurors rejected it.

Prosecutor Steve Baribeau also supported this view, calling Fredette's version of the events "distant and unlikely" and was completely rejected by attorneys.

The twelve jurors - nine men and three women - were endless from Wednesday after receiving the final instructions and were on the third day of discussion when they announced that they had reached a unanimous decision.

"It is certain that it will not bring my daughter back for me, but at least we will have peace and tranquility without ever forgetting it," Biard said in a trembling voice.

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