Quebec is challenging a court ruling that allowed cannabis to be grown at home

Quebec is challenging a court ruling that allowed cannabis to be grown at home

Last month, a Quebec Supreme Court judge struck a section of the Quebec Cannabis Act that prohibited the cultivation of cannabis plants at home. The province is appealing against this decision. Social Division The Supreme Court of Quebec overturned part of the provincial law in September .CBC News Posted: October 10, 2019 10:41 EN Last updated: October 10, 2019 The Quebec Cannabis Act, which included a ban on home-grown, was passed in June 2018 under the leadership of the previous liberal government. (Ryan Remiorz / The Canadian Press) commented

Last month, Judge Manon Lavoie of the Supreme Court of Quebec repealed two sections of the provincial law that prohibited the cultivation of cannabis at home for personal use.

On Thursday, Lionel Carmant, a junior provincial health minister overseeing cannabis policy, said the government was looking at the issue from a public health perspective.

Prime Minister François Legault also said that the government was committed to fighting this decision. He said many building owners were concerned about possible damage to their property from cannabis growing settings.

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