Peru: seven miners killed in landslide

Peru: seven miners killed in landslide

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At least seven miners died in a landslide in southeast Peru, on the border with Bolivia, authorities said on Thursday. The landslide, caused by heavy rain, occurred Tuesday, February 19, and destroyed a camp for illegal miners in the mountainous Andes region.

The police and the emergency services were unable to go immediately to the scene due to the difficulty of access. "The remains of seven people have been discovered," Fabian Vargas, an official in the province of Carabaya, told reporters, adding that the camp had around 50 precarious homes.

Many camps for illegal miners, attracted by the presence of gold, exist in the south-east of the country. Other landslides, caused by the heavy rains of the Andean southern summer, have left a dozen dead in the past few weeks. Thousands of illegal miners operate in Peru, both in the mountains and in the Amazon.

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