Ontario, Quebec bears the most storm: AccuWeather winter forecast

Ontario, Quebec bears the most storm: AccuWeather winter forecast

TORONTO - Ontario and Quebec are expected to carry most of the snowstorms this winter, with Arctic explosions on eastern prairies focused on AccuWeather's prediction.

AccuWeather, a private company based in Philadelphia, offers weather reports for countries like Ireland, Japan and Canada. Canada's full winter forecast for 2019-2020 can be found on the AccuWeather website.

"This seems normal for much of western Canada - especially British Columbia - compared to a fairly normal winter," said Brett Anderson, a Canadian weather expert for AccuWeather, in a telephone interview with CTVNews.ca. He added that eastern provinces will get snow this year.

But residents of B.C. should expect more rain and snowfall. General weather effects can mean people throughout B.C. and some in Yukon are likely to see less snowfall.

AccuWeather is looking forward to drier and sunnier days this season in places like Vancouver, Victoria and Kamloops. And "warmer than normal temperatures" are largely due to the warmer west coast, Anderson explained.

"We probably got off to a pretty snowy start at the beginning of the season, but we expect that December - January and February - will eventually come with slightly below average snowfall," Anderson said.

More windy days are expected - southwest Alberta may hit more Chinook winds than usual. These warmer, drier Chinook winds are defined as the strong, destructive winds that can occur during storms.

But most Albanians are spared most of the Arctic explosions. Nevertheless, people living in the province should expect significant snowfall early in the season.

AccuWeather's winter weather forecast for 2019-2020 is expected to carry most of the snowstorms in Ontario and Quebec, with arctic explosions focused on the eastern prairies. (AccuWeather)

This winter, the eastern half of the prairie Canadians should expect the strongest arctic air and snowfall from fast-moving storms, AccuWeather predicts.

This means cities like Regina and Winnipeg will be crossed. AccuWeather expects most winter storms to have limited humidity, which means limited snowfall.

Significant ice or slush events can occur in the middle of winter. AccuWeather also predicts night-time highs and temperatures above night as cloud cover increases.

"It's not a terribly cold winter for southern Ontario," Anderson said, explaining that this is partly because large lakes are warmer than normal. "But I think the cold is quite entrenched in places like Thunder Bay, Ont."

Well, the good news for Atlantic Canada is that the forecast should be rather mild because of the southwestern airflow. AccuWeather said seawater temperatures should return to normal this winter with milder air.

A pedestrian crosses a snow-covered street in Edmonton Alberta on Wednesday, November 7, 2012. Environment Canada has warned the capital region of snowfall. CANADA PRESS / Jason Franson

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