LILLEY: Trudeau gives Quebec a way he would never do for Alberta or Ontario

LILLEY: Trudeau gives Quebec a way he would never do for Alberta or Ontario

Imagine what Justin Trudeau's reaction would be if some provincial governments other than the Quebec government announced that they would reduce immigration by 10%, introduce a value test, and pass a law that prohibits religious minorities from wearing visible symbols of their religion.

Well, you don't really have to imagine, because the Trudeau government has a habit of attacking those who disagree with them, as Nazis, Canadian citizenship, or worse. Until Trudeau liberals disagree, Quebec's popular provincial politicians are not.

Former Parti Quebcois government minister CAQ Premier turned to Francois Legault, who has already announced that Quebec will reduce immigration by 10%. The Legault has said it wants to impose a value test on immigrants and passed Chapter 21 of the bill to stop people in Quebec's civil service wearing visible religious clothing, such as yarmulke, hijab or turban.

If Ontario's prime minister Doug Ford or Alberta's prime minister Jason Kenney had recommended they wanted 10% fewer immigrants, it would have been almost the entire Trudeau campaign against federal conservative leader Andrew Scheer. He would have condemned them as racists. This is without a bill of values ‚Äč‚Äčtest.

Even in last week's French debate, Trudeau called on Ford's name to retreat from his weak response to Quebec Bill 21 - a law on secularity that prohibits the wearing of religious clothing.

"If, for example, the conservative majority government under Doug Ford wanted to attack Francophones in Ontario, they would expect the federal government to be there to protect them," Trudeau said when he questioned why he didn't pass Quebec's Bill 21.

To put it bluntly, I think all the major federal party leaders have been too hot on Bill 21 and include both Scheer and NDP leader Jagmeet Singh, who both seem too afraid of losing seats in Quebec to do the right thing.

But Trudeau is attacking other prime ministers who have not said a word about introducing a bill that would protect him from acting and not interfering.

The man intervened in the case to continue prosecuting people who carry beer across provincial boundaries because it was one of his first acts as prime minister but doesn't really protect religious and visible minorities.

In this issue, Trudeau talks about Canada Canada and French Canada, especially Quebec. During a debate in France last week, he actually praised Quebec for reducing immigration.

"It's a good thing because of the need to protect Quebec's identity and French, and if he wants to apply a value test, he can do it, and it's appropriate," Trudeau said.

Can you imagine Trudeau's reaction when another part of the country said we had to slow down immigration because of our identity? Can you imagine Trudeau's reaction when another part of the country wants to test the value of immigrants, as Quebec does?

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