Justin Trudeau blindspot in Quebec and the Bill 21: 10/3 podcast

Justin Trudeau blindspot in Quebec and the Bill 21: 10/3 podcast

Justin Trudeau has offered very little opposition to the Quebec bill 21, which would prevent people wearing visible religious clothing in senior positions in the public service, such as as teachers.

Toronto Suns spokesman Brian Lilley says Trudeau will never issue a similar passport to other provinces such as Ontario and Alberta, currently run by conservative prime ministers.

Facing Bill 21, Trudeau only said he was considering intervention. Similarly, in Quebec's intention to reduce immigration, Trudeau is ready to issue a passport to the province.

Unless you are in close contact with someone who has already been infected with 2019-nCoV, you are not really at risk, but in case of a potential illness you do not immediately see the symptoms

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