“Il Nido in piazza” in the Arequipa gardens

“Il Nido in piazza” in the Arequipa gardens

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Saturday 11 May is the date chosen for the second edition of "Il Nido in piazza", the event dedicated to children up to three years old with their families to experience the activities of city nurseries together.

The appointment is at the Arequipa gardens in via Addis Ababa. Through this day, the educational services of the city of Biella bring their experience "to the square" to share a day full of possibilities with the city, and to make known the value that the nest experience has for the little ones. The pedagogical offer of the city nests intends to recognize even the smallest right to complexity, providing them with rich environments for play and exploration.

In this way, families will be able to directly experience the contexts and materials that children encounter at the nursery, designed and conceived to allow them great freedom of choice and to stimulate creativity and the possibility of experimentation: an enormous potential, which allows them to solicit the intelligence of children and support their learning. Naturally, linguistic, mathematical, technical, scientific, physical and artistic skills are crossed…

The program of the day offers from 11 to 12.30 the "Treasure hunt", & nbsp; collective game proposal for families and children, from 14.30 "Chat together" (the staff will be available to families who wish to have information on the services and on the pedagogical offer) and from 15 to 18 "Discovering knowledge".

In multiple locations you will be able to directly experience literature, mathematics, science, art, music, movement and all the educational proposals that the day care centers offer to children.

Also this year the event will see the participation of the "Rosalia Aglietta Anderi" Children's Library. In case of bad weather the event will be moved to May 18th.

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