Biella: Arequipa Gardens invaded by scouts, the new year begins with an eye towards 2020 PHOTOGALLERY

Biella: Arequipa Gardens invaded by scouts, the new year begins with an eye towards 2020 PHOTOGALLERY

A day of celebration in which the Arequipa gardens of Biella have become the "citadel" of the Biella scouts. Last Sunday the boys gathered for the opening day of the annual activities with their gaze turned towards 2020, a year that for scouts will see a concrete path in preparation for the centenary Coronation of the Virgin of Oropa but also the 75th anniversary of the refoundation of scouting at the end of the Second World War.

The reference to Oropa was also clearly visible to those who passed by chance through the gardens: the "portal" that traditionally the scouts create for their fields by trying their hand at wooden constructions and rope ties reproduced the shape of the Ancient Basilica of Oropa, with the Madonna reproduced on a simple sign. In the morning, the games in search of the crown and its meaning involved even the little ones. Then, the scouts also left the gardens to meet people from the neighborhood in the surrounding area.

The mass of 12 was exciting, presided over by Bishop Roberto Farinella, during which everyone gathered around the field altar set up in front of the portal. The mass was concelebrated by father Giovanni Gallo and father Roberto Melis, assistants of the scouts. In the afternoon, however, the scouts colored the audience of the Odeon Cinema in blue for the screening of the film "Aquile Randagie", accompanied by family, friends and anyone else who wanted to attend.

Surprise for everyone was the presentation of the film by the young actor Marco Pratesi, who plays one of the guys from the Aquile Randagie club in the film. At the end of the screening, Pratesi reached the boys in the gardens for the final moment of the day Ammainabandiera there was not only a final greeting, but the renewal of a common commitment that will guide all the Biella scout groups to carry on next year's initiatives, with the style of joy and enthusiasm that distinguishes them.

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