Altitude, volcanoes and rich architecture: what Palmeiras will find in Arequipa

Altitude, volcanoes and rich architecture: what Palmeiras will find in Arequipa

Palmeiras will face Melgar this Thursday (25th), starting at 11 pm, in the beautiful Arequipa, for the penultimate round of the Copa Libertadores 2019.

The great terror of Brazilian clubs that go up the mountain to play with neighboring teams in our country, altitude is one of Melgar's greatest weapons when the team plays at home. Arequipa is 2,300 meters above sea level. Despite the weakness of the Peruvian team, the game should be exhausting for the team from Palmeiras, which 4 days later will debut in the Brasileirão. In 2007, FIFA vetoed Arequipa's altitude and the game between Brazil and Peru, valid for the 2010 World Cup qualifiers, had to be held in Lima.

The 'Plaza das Armas' is the ground zero of the Peruvian city and the most attractive tourist spot for the palestrinos who will go to the game. In addition to housing the beautiful Arequipa Cathedral Basilica, there you can also find the best restaurants in the city.

The center of Arequipa is very reminiscent of some European cities, mainly the 'Plazas' of Spain. The city is better known as 'La Ciudad Branca', since all the buildings in the center were built with white volcanic stones.

Arequipa is surrounded by peaks that are nothing more than volcanoes. Some already extinct, others still very active. The largest and most menacing, El Misti, can be seen from behind the cathedral. His brothers, Chachani on the left and Pichu Pichu on the right, make up the trinity of heights (between 5500m to 6000m). Being in the southeastern region of the country, closer to the Andes, Arequipa suffers from time to time with earthquakes.

The Arequipa market has more than 50 stalls where many local women prepare natural juices for visitors. The market also offers places to eat. Arequipa's main gastronomic recipe is Rocoto Relleno, a kind of pepper stuffed with meat, onion, egg, cheese and other ingredients.

Palmeiras should probably make a stop in Lima and then depart for Arequipa by plane, since the city is about 1000 km from the Peruvian capital. Arequipe Airport is 4 km from the city center. For you who want to watch the game, a more economical way is to land in Lima and take a bus to Melgar's land.

Melgar send their matches at the Monumental Stadium of the Universidad Nacional de San Agustín. With a capacity for 40,200 fans, it is possible to see the Misti volcano from the highest place in the stadium. In this Libertadores, Melgar has a victory against Junior and a draw against San Lorenzo playing at altitude.

Gabriel Amorim, 28, hates those who watch the game sitting down and has Armando Nogueira as his great idol. Graduated in Journalism from UMESP in 2012, he covered the World Cup in Russia by the newspaper Lance!

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