According to Winnipeg councilors, the city needs to talk about a Quebec bill 21

According to Winnipeg councilors, the city needs to talk about a Quebec bill 21

Winnipeg City Commissioners Janice Lukes and Shawn Nason say & nbsp; the message they received from residents of their wards was clear: Quebec Bill 21 is discriminatory, intolerant and dangerous. & Nbsp;

"I think it's important to get up. It's a strange world right now. There's all kinds of things I don't like - and & nbsp; our constituents don't like ..." Lukes (Waverley West) told reporters Wednesday in the town hall.

"I think as a human rights city, home of the Canadian Museum of Human Rights, it is important for us as a council to present & nbsp; a united front and speak out against this bill."

Quebec laws passed last June prohibit certain civil servants, including teachers, police officers and government lawyers, from wearing religious symbols, such as headgear, at work.

Lukes and Transcona councilor Nason filed a motion on Wednesday asking councilors to support in principle the constitutional challenge to Bill 21 at the October 24 council meeting.

"It beats me why a piece of clothing could pose a threat to anyone. It's a scarf. It's a & nbsp; turban. It's a kippah. & Nbsp; It's a cross," he said.

Nason says his and Luke's proposal to the city council next week is an opportunity for Winnipeg to ease the fears of many of his religious communities.

"We have heard our mayor refer to Winnipeg as a human rights city many times, and I think this is a good opportunity for us as a council to work together and it shows that we are an inclusive community," said Nason. said.

Simarpreet Singh, who contacted Lukes about his concerns about Bill 21, says the legislation is attacking the fundamental human rights of all Canadians.

Deputy Mayor Brian Bowman wrote that he had not seen the proposal yet, but said Bowman "is against Bill 21, which goes against everything he tries to do to make Winnipeg an international leader in the protection and promotion of human rights." & nbsp;

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