A fired chicken factory worker takes his boss to the Quebec job commission and wins

A fired chicken factory worker takes his boss to the Quebec job commission and wins

An employee of a chicken processing company has been awarded $ 14,800 by the Quebec Works Council after successfully contesting an employer dismissal.

Volailles RĂ©gal was dismissed by Jean in December 2016 on the basis of verbal warnings in his decision and a written warning from June 2014, based on his refusal to perform unreasonable absences and certain tasks.

Jean denied that she was absent without reason, claiming that she had come to the factory, but that her manager had told her to go home because there was no work on the production line. He admitted that he had been absent from work from time to time as he attended franking classes, but his manager had been advised.

In April last year, the Employment Office overturned Jean's dismissal, deciding that the employee must undergo a step-by-step disciplinary procedure before being fired.

It was also said that a written notice was sent to Jean two and a half years before the dismissal that it had not been signed and Jean denied that he would ever have received it.

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