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It seemed a sudden reaction from the Palmeiras coach to the insults of a small group of fans in Arequipa, after the 4-0 victory over Melgar, but Luiz Felipe Scolari's attitude is related to the ambush made to the team's bus in the last departure in São Paulo.

Before the game against Junior Barranquilla, also for Libertadores, two weeks ago, the vehicle carrying the delegation was stoned by fans close to the arena. At the time, the coach commented that he did not want to give "visibility to those who do not deserve", but also said that he was not afraid of the bad guy.

The following day, Mancha Verde, the main organized supporters linked to Palmeiras, released a disapproval note and denied the authorship of the attack on the bus. In the club, however, there are suspicions that he left a dissident wing of the current board of the organized.

In Arequipa, due to the prohibition, there were no flags or banners from any fans. The curses to the reserve players, at the end of the match, during physical work with the ball on the field, came from a small group. And they were hit by Felipão, who directed gestures and profanity back to the stands.

Asked later in the press room of the Monumental stadium about the episode, the coach called the group "a bunch of clowns" and asked those responsible for the insults to take them over.

- Then they go there and say "we didn't go". Gee, stop this clowning, assume what they say. Take it, ready. If there is a group that wants to do that, do it, but assume. Say: "We are so and so, the fans". Don't be lying. It's the end of the world, upset with these people - he criticized.

In the same press conference, Felipão even considered leaving the club if it was the desire of the fans. The statement was seen by the board - who sees the work of the coach, Brazilian champion last year, as a positive assessment - as a mere outburst.

Now leader of Group F of the Libertadores and already qualified for the round of 16, Palmeiras returns this Friday to Brazil. The next appointment will be on Sunday, against Fortaleza, for the Brazilian Championship. With enhanced security on the route between the Football Academy and the arena.

Current champion, Palmeiras faces Serra-ES, away from home. With only 32 participants, competition leaves many heavyweight teams out for not getting a place via state

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