10 Quebec races to watch on federal election night

10 Quebec races to watch on federal election night

With six games in the mix and several three-way and four-way competitions, it is a guess that somebody will reach the top of the province on October 21st. & Nbsp;

Winning votes in Quebec - from the lower house of 338 to 78 out of 78 - is key to securing victory. Liberals, the Bloc in Quebec and the Conservatives hold firmly on some of these Quebec exemptions. & Nbsp; for others it is a sketch. & nbsp;

And with six parties and a number of three- and four-race races, everyone's guess will come in first place in many parts of the province. Here are 10 interesting races to watch on election night.

Beauce. As a conservative, Maxime Bernier had a lock on this riding. He has been representing it since 2006 and last won with more than 20,000 ballots. But Bernier quit the Conservatives after narrowly losing the leadership race. He founded and is the leader of the Canadian People's Party. Although still popular in the area south of Quebec City, Bernier is in a battle against a local politician who also has deep roots in the region: Richard Conservative. Bernier's promise to phase out farmers' supply arrangements could hurt him when riding in this partly rural area. Lehoux is a former dairy farmer. Conservatives would like to suppress Bernier from the home market and destroy his nascent party. A climate change denier who wants to reduce immigration, Bernier hopes that his presence in the two-state leadership debate will give him an advantage. As a sign of trouble, Bernier has said he will spend the rest of the campaign riding. To facilitate comedy, the satirical Rhinoceros Party has recruited a big name against him - a man who happens to be Maxime Bernier.

Laurier - Sainte-Marie. This left-wing riding, taking part in downtown and the Plateau-Mont-Royal area, promises to be a three-way battle. Co-founder of Quebec's most prominent environmental group, Équiterre, Steve Guilbeault is a longtime Green activist and Liberal candidate. Named a potential future minister for the environment, Guilbeault faces stiff competition from new Democratic candidate Nimâ Machouf, the wife of Amir Khadir, who has represented the region for 10 years as a Quebec solidary MNA. Machouf, an epidemiologist, also has links with the Montreal mayor, Valérie Plante, who was a candidate for the 2009 Municipal Party. It is the strength of both QS and Projet that gives Machouf a solid foundation. Bloc Québécois, nominated by writer Michel Duchesne, is here with its history. Gilles Duceppe kept riding for 14 years until he was protected by the 2011 NDP Hélène Laverdière, who was beaten again in 2015. He does not want to be re-elected.

Outremont. Liberals aren't the only ones on the list who are outstanding environmentalists. The Greens were drafted by Daniel Green, who is the party's deputy leader and a renowned toxicologist. Green ran for the first time in 2015, receiving just five percent of the vote in Ville-Marie-Le Sud-Ouest-Île-des-Sœurs. This time, Green runs on horseback, a long-standing bastion of liberals, until he chose NDP's Thomas Mulcair, starting in 2007. Mulcair gave up politics last year. In the February general election, this downtown Montreal ride was again liberal, with Rachel Bendayan winning easily. Green was a candidate in this co-election by the Greens and came third, second behind RAK. Now Bendayan wants to get re-elected. The candidate for the NDP is Andrea Clarke, Executive Director of Head and Hands, a youth community in Notre-Dame-de-Grâce. The block, ranked fourth by 2015, is led by communications specialist Célia Grimard.

Berthier - Maskinongé. Ruth Ellen Brosseau made headlines when she was unexpectedly elected in 2011, along with dozens of other NDP marginal candidates in Quebec's Orange Wave, which swept the NDP's official opposition under the charismatic leadership of Ottawa Jack Layton. Brosseau raised his eyebrows as he spent several days in Las Vegas during this campaign and roasted for his poor French. But his riding - on the north bank of the St Lawrence River between Repentigny and Trois-Rivières - was embraced by voters. Brosseau became known as a hard worker, his French improved and he easily won the re-election in 2015, unlike many other NDP MPs. Since then, the NDP in Quebec has fallen even further and is fighting for its political life. He is opposed to Bloc Québécois President Yves Perron, a high school teacher who strikes a second time in winning horseback riding. Liberals who failed to persuade Brosseau to run for the election are nominated by sister and entrepreneur Christine Poirier, who once appeared on the CBC television show Dragon's Den to raise breastfeeding clothes.

Beloeil - Chambly. As of January, Yves-François Blanchet, leader of Bloc Québécois, did not opt ​​for an easy ride to reach the lower house. Block's recent rise in polls and Blanchet's well-received debates show are helping to improve his chances. So did Quebecer's declining interest in the NDP, which has dominated the South Coast region since 2011, when riding won by Matthew Dubé (whose name and boundaries were slightly different at the time). Dubé was one of five students at McGill University who unexpectedly triumphed over Layton Caves. In 2015, Dubé's victory declined in a close trilateral race: the NDP gained 31 percent of the referendum, the Liberals 29 percent and the Bloc 28 percent. Dubé is voting again this time. Businesswoman Marie-Chantal Hamel, a first-time candidate, is the standard bearer for liberals.

Longueuil - Saint-Hubert. It can be confusing - bear with us. Pierre Nantel won this South Shore race twice as a new Democrat. One of the NDP's most prominent MEPs, Nantel was easy to win in 2011, but in 2015 it was the NDP-Liberal-Bloc challenger, with the Greens at three percent. Shortly before the start of the current campaign, Nantel jumped into the Greens. Nantel said he was fed up with the former party's "apathy" on climate change. Nantel is a sovereign, but when she made such a public announcement recently, Green May leader Elizabeth May said she was not. Nantel later said he did not support separatism in the lower house. As a result of the 11-hour failure in Nantel, new Democrats recruited former provincial Greens leader Éric Ferland to fight Nantel. Ferland, too, has backed sovereignty and said recently that it can no longer rule it out. And liberals? Former Parti Québécois Minister for Health, Réjean Hébert, was hired by a fervently federalist party. The block features actress Denis Trudel, who tried to win here in 2015.

Rosemont - La Petite Patrie. NDP leader Jagmeet Singh Lieutenant Alexandre Boulerice of Quebec took the seat in 2011 (51 percent of the vote) and in 2015 (49 percent). With NDP support in Quebec sinking, a former trade union spokesman and television journalist is not expected to make it this time, although it is one of the few places where observers say the NDP has the opportunity to hang on. Blok candidate - writer and CEGEP teacher who went here in 2015 - Claude André, hopes to re-organize his party, which ran from 1993 to 2011. Blok believes that François Legault, Prime Minister of the Avenir Québec Nationalist Coalition, won and supports his drafts 21 secular law gave impetus to Block's victory in this downtown Montreal. In the last election, the bloc won only one spot on Montreal: La Pointe-de-l'Et. Liberals who have not won since 1980 in Rosemont - La Petite Patrie - offer former federal chief of staff Geneviève Hinse to two federal liberal health ministers.

Rivière-du-Nord. The conservative Sylvie Fréchette, who is in Quebec with her household name because she has two synchronized swimming Olympic medals, is in hard water on the Lower Laurentians Circle. He is the first candidate on the spot where Bloc Québécois has won four of the last five elections. It was adopted by the NDP in 2011, but was reaffirmed by the Rhéal Fortin bloc four years later, ending a close trialogue between the bloc, the NDP and the Liberals. The Conservatives? They came fourth by far. The re-election Fortin has been a Member of the High Representative Bloc and interim leader of the party. New democrats and liberals have relatively unknown people. Myriam Ouellette, a school board member, is hopeful of the NDP, and liberals are represented by consultant Florence Gagnon.

East of Saint-Léonard - Saint-Michel, the longtime Liberal stronghold, cannot vote this time in the Italian-Canadian community. DAVE-SIDAWAY / MONTREAL GAZETTE

Saint-Léonard - Saint-Michel. Montreal's eastern riding has long been a certainty for liberals - party candidate Nicola Di Iorio won 65 percent of the vote in 2015. Di Iorio has given up politics. The contest to replace him turned out to be interesting after Justin Trudeau's party withdrew Hassan Guillet's candidacy for alleged anti-Semitic social media posts. He was replaced by Patricia Lattanzio, a member of the Montreal City Council and a Commissioner at the Montreal School Council in England. & Nbsp; Guillet, who admitted lack of sensitivity in former positions but said he was not anti-Semitic, is still a race. He works on his own and should win votes in the riding Muslim Canadian community. The Liberals are also concerned with the unrest among traditionally loyal supporters of the Italian-Canadian riding community, still knowing that Guillet was initially elected. Riding was traditionally represented by Italy-Canada. A Conservative candidate - lawyer Ilario Maiolo, whose parents were born in Italy - is pushing the community with the message: "It's time to change."

Quebec. The city of Quebec has been a credible district for the Conservatives, and Andrew Scheer's party should do well there again. But riding in the center of town called Québec became liberals in 2015, electing Jean-Yves Duclos, the family minister. It was a tight race between the Liberals and the NDP, in the footsteps of the Conservatives and the bloc. This time, Duclos is the key enemy of Blok candidate Christiane Gagnon, who represented riding for 18 years before being rejected by the NDP in 2011. The NDP candidate is the Tommy Bureau, a community organizer, while the Conservatives are nominating former Bianca Boutini. Press attaché to the Liberal Government of Quebec.

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